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About CreateWebinar.com key features

Author: Create Webinar Team

CreateWebinar is a service that allows you to create and host online conferences, lectures, trainings, courses and other types of seminars. CreateWebinar is using BigBlueButton (BBB)* opensource solution and provides a control panel for a webinar platform. It can be a useful tool for those who already have their own BBB server and for those who don’t want to worry about server configuration and are looking for a user-friendly tool for conducting webinars. CreateWebinar offers different packages based on preferences, including a FREE standard control panel package for those who already have their own BBB server. Some of the basic features include:

  • managing webinar schedule;
  • choosing among 3 types of webinar privacy – open for all, requiring approval, and a closed list;
  • creating contact list for automated notifications and invites;
  • recording webinars;
  • accessing recorded webinars online, downloading or uploading to Vimeo;
  • inviting unlimited number of attendees, etc.

Whether you are a professional who offers private services as a freelancer, coach, consultant or a mentor, or you are running a small business, or managing a private educational institution, CreateWebinar will have a convenient solution for you!

Manage Parameters

Forget about console and unfriendly settings! Control your webinar parameters right from the website createwebinar.com. If you still want to connect via SSH you can do it from the website!
Only using createwebinar.com you can create 3 different types of webinar on your BBB server: open for all, approval required, closed list.
“Open for all” webinar is open for anybody who have a link.
“Approval required” allows anybody who have link to request access to webinar that have to be approved by organizer.
“Closed list” access to webinar will have participants listed during creation only.

Manage Address Book

Create and edit your own contact list! You can add new contact by e-mail or upload XLS file using our template.

Customize webinar room

Choose your own style of webinar room. Add your logo, choose color scheme etc

Get Our Vidget

Add our widget to your website to allow you visitors create webinars from your site using our service (coming soon)

Manage Webinar Schedule

Create your webinar plan! You can edit webinar parameters before start with auto notification about changes all of the participants.

Manage Webinar Archive

All webinars information in one place, including names, dates, lists of participants and video records.

Manage Webinar Records

You have several options for record after webinar: download MP4 file, watch record online or upload it to Vimeo hosting.

Invite To You Webinar

You can easily invite users to your webinar by email. Just add emails of participants from your contacts or via XLS file during webinar creation and invitations will be sent automatically. Invitation includes all necessary webinar information and link to webinar.

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